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This year Mother’s Day snuck up on me. I’m used to the holiday being around the middle of the month, but this year it’s on May 8th (wasn’t Easter only a few weeks ago?). I would have forgotten about the date if my son hadn’t asked me to take him shopping (remind me to increase his allowance).

One year, I actually did forget to take my kids shopping for Mother’s Day. My wife told me that she didn’t want to make a big deal about Mother’s Day. All she wanted was to spend time with her family. To my feeble mind, this sounded like her saying, “Don’t buy me any gifts.” Boy was I wrong! Although the kids and I made her a lovely breakfast and dinner, my wife let me know that she was disappointed that no one bothered to get her a gift (guys, please read this post if you’re on the fence about buying your wife a mother’s day gift – Should Husbands Buy Their Wives Mother’s Day Gifts?).

This year, I was much smarter. I let my kids use my Sears app to find a gift for their mom. The kids really love shopping from my phone. It’s almost like a game for them. To make it more fun, I challenged them to find a gift that was meaningful and would express how they felt about their mom. After a few minutes of searching, they found a beautiful necklace with this message:

“Mom, you have my whole heart for my whole life.”

mother's day gift idea jewelry necklace

I was impressed by their selection. In fact, they motivated to find a comparable gift for my own mom. While I couldn’t find anything as touching as my kids’ gift, I did manage to find my mom a lovely pearl necklace. Pearls are my mom’s favorite jewel. She’s always admired them, but she could never afford them. I know that she will love this Freshwater Pearl Braided Necklace and wear it proudly.


mother's day gift idea pearl necklace sears

If you’re crunched for time, I recommend using Sears’ In-Vehicle Pickup option. It is especially useful for last minute Mother’s Day shopping. You can pick up our online purchases at your local Sears store without ever leaving the car. To use the service:

  • Shop online and complete an eligible purchase via a mobile device, computer or tablet. During checkout, select In-Vehicle Pickup as the method of delivery and input car details.
  • You will receive an e-mail message notifying you when the purchase is ready for pickup
  • Upon arrival at the selected Sears store, pull up to the In-Vehicle Pickup spots located conveniently outside of the merchandise pickup location
  • In five minutes or less, an associate will bring the purchase to the car and verify the purchase using the payment method used online

Now is a great time so shop for Mom because Sears is holding a major sale on apparel, jewelry, home products and other popular Mother’s Day gifts. As an added bonus, any Shop Your Way member who shops and uses In-Vehicle Pickup between May 3-7 will be automatically registered to win a $5,000 gift card from Sears.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stay Strong,

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