When I received a review copy of Endless Ocean: Blue World (Nintendo) from Golin Harris, I was excited. My family and I love trying new video games.

After we got the game setup for play on our Wii console, we were greeted by a cinematic, lush opening sequence. As we watched the credits my 8-year old daughter asked, “Is there any way to turn off this music because it’s very annoying.” Unfortunately, that question set the tone for our gaming experience.

Game Play

Endless Ocean: Blue World is a mesmerizing aquatic adventure loaded with stunning marine life, spectacular locations, spellbinding mysteries, and hidden treasures.

With broadband Internet access, two players can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to dive together. For the first time in the series, they can also use the optional Wii Speak accessory to chat with one another while they play.

We didn’t have Wii Speak so we had to read all of the dialogue (there is no fast forward button). My kids were quickly losing patience.

“Daddy,” said my 6-year old son, “These people talk too much.”

After creating our diver, we started playing.

Players use the Wii remote to swim through the ocean and interact with wildlife. Swimming is as simple as holding down the B button and pointing the remote in the direction you want to go. When you point your remote towards a fish and press the A button, you will see the name and a description of the species. You can then use the remote to feed, pet, and interact with the fish.

We swam around the ocean interacting with the wildlife for about 45 minutes until my kids couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Dad,” said my daughter. “This game is boring.”

“Yeah,” chimed in my 6-year-old son, “All you do is look at fish. That’s not fun.”

“But you are learning about ocean life,” I said trying to convince them to continue playing.

“We can learn about fish on the internet,” said my daughter.

Perhaps my kids were too young to fully appreciate the game. After all, it is rated E10+.


Although, Endless Ocean: Blue World did not provide the gaming excitement we like (the game is all about scoring knowledge, not points), I was impressed by the game’s beauty and educational component.

If you’re looking for lots of fast-paced action, this game is not for you. However, if you enjoy aquatic wildlife and are looking for a relaxing, laid back game, Endless Ocean: Blue World is one you should consider.

Stay Strong,