Once again, Mocha Dad was not selected as a Dancing With the Stars Cast member. How much longer are we going to tolerate this oversight? I say – not any longer. This blatant disrespect for Mocha Dad’s dance moves must end now!

disco MD

To combat this growing problem, we have the following recommendations:

1. Mocha Dad should be acknowledged as star, preferably Bettleguese.

2. Mocha Dad should be immediately added to the cast and allowed to tackle Jacoby Jones whenever the feeling strikes.

3. Mocha Dad should be declared the winner and a parade should be held in his honor.

4. Mocha Dad should have a dance-off against Emmitt Smith. They winner gets Smith’s Super Bowl Rings.

5. Mocha Dad’s dancing shoes should be formally retired in an elaborate 2-hour special.

Please share this petition on all of your social networks, at work, and with perfect strangers at the bus stop. We cannot afford to be silent any longer.

Sample Tweet: We want @ABCNetwork to add @mochadad to the #DWTS Cast ASAP #petition

Leave a comment below to voice your outrage. We need 1000 signatures. Make a difference in the world of minor celebrity dance today!

Stay Strong,

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