dads in dc spy museum

My dad and me at the International Spy Museum.

As soon as we stepped into the International Spy Museum, I felt like a secret agent.

Our mission started with selecting a fake cover identity. There were teachers, students, engineers. Anyone could be a spy – and my dad and I were for the day.

The first exhibit we went to was all about hidden cameras. They had cameras hidden in every place you could imagine from pens to briefcases to cigar pipes. We looked at all of the cameras the spies could use from big to small. I wanted a pen camera.

Next up was weaponry. Just like the cameras you could find a weapon in anything. They had umbrella guns, shovel knives, and pen pistols. It was as if Disney’s show Phineas and Ferb, which has a platypus secret agent, came to life.

When we got to the museum’s James Bond section, I had to text pictures to my mom and brothers. There was a real Aston Martin, Bond’s car. There were also a ton of props that they used in the movies.

After we left the spy museum, the rest of our D.C. adventure began. As we visited Georgetown, the Washington Monument and the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, I couldn’t help wondering how many secret agents were around us.

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