team hot wheels cars

Take this Team Hot Wheels Quiz to find out which team best suits you.

What personality trait best describes you?

a)      Calm and in charge

b)      Wild and a little bit of a daredevil

c)       A pint-size perfectionist

d)      Unpredictable and full of energy


When you play with Hot Wheels, you’re most likely to:

a)      Set up two-lane speedway down hallway

b)      Accept friend’s challenge to jump cars over fine china

c)       Line them up by color and/or vehicle type

d)      Set up the track set down the staircase


What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

a)      Tag

b)      Climbing trees

c)       Hide & Seek

d)      Skateboarding


What’s your favorite color?

a)      Green

b)      Red

c)       Blue

d)      Yellow


Mostly A’s

Team Green

Team Green has a need for speed!

Personalities: Confident. Cool. Calm. In Charge.

Driving Style: Fearless. Drive fast, think fast, never hesitate, and never lose control.

Stunts: Corkscrew Jump


Mostly B’s

Team Red

Team Red will do any stunt and take any dare!

Personalities: Daredevil attitude. Wild. A little bit crazy.

Driving Style: Show-stopping stunts. The bigger the better, higher, harder, farther, faster!

Stunts: Jumping planes, riding walls, and breaking rules.


Mostly C’s

Team Blue

Team Blue executes a plan with zero margin of error.

Personalities: Precise. The ultimate perfectionists.

Driving Style: Skillful. With equal parts precision, timing and nerves of steel.

Stunts: Wall Ride


Mostly D’s

Team Yellow

Team Yellow likes to go really big!

Personalities: Unpredictable. Impulsive. Up for any challenge.

Driving Style: Pump up the power. Rely on instinct. Push the limits.

Stunts: World Record Jump at 2011 Indy 500, crushing a house with a monster truck.