Here is a selection of reading material that dads will enjoy on Father’s Day and all-year round.

Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around by Richard Greenberg

Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around

After raising four kids over thirty years, Richard Greenberg shows how tapping into the common sense you already have is the first key to parenting. Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around gives fathers specific suggestions and guidelines to reduce conflict between parents and their kids, improve communication within any family, and replace the stress of parenting with true common sense.

Rock Meet Window by Jason Good

rock meet window

Rock, Meet Window is a funny and poignant memoir that delves into the magic, fails, and meaning of fatherhood. Humorist and family-man Jason Good was figuring out how to parent his own two young boys when his dad was diagnosed with cancer and told he had nine months to live. That moment, and the year that followed, inspired Jason to tell the story of something he had always taken for granted: how his father had earned his true friendship and admiration in adulthood by the way he had parented him to manhood. Ultimately, this book inspires us to reconsider our own relationships and to appreciate the power of fatherhood.

Bet on Black: African-American Women Celebrate Fatherhood by Kenrya Rankin Naasel (Editor)

bet on black

Bet on Black: African-American Women Celebrate Fatherhood aims to wrestle back the much-maligned image of the Black dad and expose it as something that, while not perfect, is a human, loving presence in the lives of his children. In turns insightful, clever and laugh-out-loud funny, 20 Black women writers share deeply personal stories that prove the stereotypes wrong. More than just love letters, their essays spin truths that examine the positive/complicated/ bittersweet/hilarious/awe-inspiring relationships they share with the fathers in their lives.

Dad or Alive by Adrian Kulp

dad or alive

Dad or Alive is the hilarious story of one man’s journey from being the one who brings home the bacon to the one who fries it—along with assembling the crib, learning how to “accessorize” his daughter, and flying with an infant for the first time. From co-ed baby showers to navigating the Farmer’s Market with a baby (and loaded diaper) strapped to his chest, to locking himself out of a childproofed toilet, this often-sweaty and exhausted SAHD gets down and dirty about surviving life as a new parent—dad or alive.

NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible

niv dad's devotional bible


The NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible is filled with challenging and helpful information to help your dad be a man who honors God, lives faithfully, and loves his family. With 260 down-to-earth devotions, as well as seven insightful “Building Your Children” articles, and a helpful “Questions Kids Ask” index in the back, the NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible will give your father the tools he needs to be a fully equipped dad.

Vader’s Little Princess & Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

darth vader and son and vader's little princess

Vader’s Little Princess and Darth Vader and Son show readers that even evil Sith Lords have to deal with the ups and downs of fatherhood.

The Ten Year Journal

ten year journal


Give dad an unforgettable gift this Father’s Day with an unique and convenient way to cherish his memories. The Ten Year Journal lets dad keep track of everything from daily thoughts to special dates to amazing places all in one attractive leather-bound book. It’s a perfect way to help your father preserve precious memories.

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