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If you’re looking to build a closer relationship with your family and be more involved in your children’s lives, you’ve come to the right place.  Mocha Dad provides resources that help men to be better dads.

“Dads are just as important as moms in the lives of our children. We are equal parents and should be treated as such,” said Frederick J. Goodall, founder of Mocha Dad. ”I’ve met several men like me who grew up without a positive male role model. My goal is to use my experiences to encourage them to end the cycle of absent fathers and be actively involved in their children’s lives.”

In addition to sharing relevant articles and stories, Mocha Dad offers videos, podcasts and other media to help fathers enrich their lives and connect with their children.

“Spend as much time as you can with your children,” Goodall said. “Don’t try to make any distinction between quantity and quality. Any time spend with your children is precious. They will appreciate your presence. Time is our most valuable asset and investing it in your children will reap huge benefits.”

At Mocha Dad, we’re passionate about building strong families and strong men.

“I’m thankful that I’m able to give fathers a voice and help them to become better versions of themselves,” Goodall said. “Being a dad is hard work, but it is the best job any man could have.”


Here are a few media outlets where Mocha Dad has been feature. Fred Goodall is a regular panelist on HuffPostLive, Fox26Houston, and NPR local talk-show, Houston Matters.

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Fred’s writing has appeared in The Houston Chronicle, Essence, SheKnows, Mamiverse, Voxxi, Your Teen Mag, Folio Weekly, Mommy Noire, and several others.

Fred is available to work with companies on various projects such as:

  • Ambassadorships
  • Press Trips
  • Spokesperson
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Press quotes
  • Guest writing
  • Video
  • Voice over
  • Events
  • Styling
  • Consultancy
  • Community service


  • Parent Blogger Influencer Award Winner – Kids in the House (2013)
  • Houston’s Top Social Media Power Influencers – Eric Tung (2013)
  • Top 50 Dad Blogs – VoiceBoks (2013)
  • Top 50 Dad Blogs – Babble (2011, 2012)
  • Top 25 Dad Blogs – Cision (2011)
  • Top 10 Dad Blogs on the Web – SheKnows (2011)
  • Top 10 Favorite Daddy Bloggers – Blogs.com (2011)

Meet the Team

frederick j goodall mochadad 2Frederick J. Goodall, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief – In 2008, Fred Goodall started Mocha Dad to chronicle his life as a father and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding black fatherhood. He wanted people to get a first-hand account of a black father who is intimately involved in his children’s lives. Now he uses the blog to not only capture his personal experiences as a father, but also to help motivate other men to be more actively engaged and involved with their children, families, and communities. Fred is a dedicated fatherhood advocate and does all he can to encourage men to be better dads. Fred travels the country speaking about fatherhood, marriage, parenting and other issues that are important to families.

In addition to operating Mocha Dad, Fred is the publisher of the men’s lifestyle website, Mocha Man Style. You can contact Fred via:

E-mail: fjgoodall@mochadad.com

Phone: 281-468-0186

Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram


Kimberly Goodall, Managing Editor – 

mochadad-mommy-to-the-max-200x300Over the years, Kim has had many jobs: she’s been a reporter, a teacher, a Census worker and even the girl in the Spot the Dog costume at a certain big box bookstore. But the two jobs she’s loved the most have been wife to her college sweetheart Fred and mother to three kids.

After graduating from Howard University in Washington, D.C. with a bachelor’s degree in print journalism, the St. Louis native worked as a reporter for newspapers and news magazines throughout the Southeast. She finally settled in her husband’s home state of Texas more than a decade ago.

As a former middle school teacher, Kim has a passion for children and families. Kim hopes to provide families with resources to strengthen their bonds and ultimately improve the lives of children. She actively volunteers to help children at her church and in the community. She was also the host of the web show Mommy to the Max.

You can contact her at kgoodall@mochadad.com.






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