Band Hero Wii comes with game, guitar, drums and microphone

Band Hero Wii comes with game, guitar, drums and microphone

Taylor Swift has had a spectacular year ever since Kanye West took the microphone from her during the MTV Video Awards. I expect that her popularity will skyrocket with the release of Band Hero.

I received a copy of Band Hero Wii from, BNC, a full service marketing and public relations agency that specializes in the world of entertainment, lifestyles, and popular culture.

I was a bit intimidated by the huge box that contained the Band Hero game, wireless guitar, wired microphone and drums. But after I got everything set up, I was more at ease. Since, I was familiar with the Guitar Hero series, I was able to quickly begin playing Band Hero.

As a parent, I was turned off by the adult-themed graphics and song lyrics in the Guitar Hero series and never allowed my children to play the game. Activision has obviously tried to address these concerns by adding more pop oriented songs, toning down that the skulls and crossbones, and making the avatars are more family-friendly.

Despite the changes, I would still recommend that parents preview the game before allowing children to play. The game is rated E10+ and contains some suggestive song lyrics. But if you can get past the racy lyrics, you and your family will have a great time playing this game.

Band Hero features 65 songs (fewer than some of the Guitar Hero releases). Artists such as 3 Doors Down, Corinne Bailey Rae, Janet Jackson, Maroon 5, Spice Girls, Hilary Duff, Spice Girls, and Aly and AJ provide the soundtrack to this interactive game.

Play as Taylor Swift. Don't worry. Kanye West won't steal the microphone.

Play as Taylor Swift. Don't worry. Kanye West won't steal the microphone.

Which brings us back to Taylor Swift. The country superstar contributes three songs to the playlist “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and “Picture to Burn.” As an added bonus, you can play as Taylor Swift after unlocking a few levels. While the inclusion of Taylor Swift isn’t appealing to me, I can see how her fans would love to play a video game that features their idol.

Throughout the game, I felt like I was in a karaoke bar because many of the songs lend themselves to singing rather than full band treatment (do you really need a guitar to play a Spice Girls song). Fortunately the new Sing Along Mode allows to you sing karaoke style on any song you choose.

In Party Play mode, you can jump in/jump out of a song at any time with the click of a button. This mode is useful when you have children. Trust me.

I also liked the Roadie Battle. In this mode, you can team up with a friend who has a Nintendo DS and battle another guitarist/roadie team. While the guitarists play, the roadies on the DS run back and forth sabotaging/repairing equipment. My son and I love to play in this mode.

Overall, I found the game entertaining and the kids liked to play on the instruments and sing the songs. However, I will probably only play this game at parties or when the kids want me to join in. Most of the songs simply don’t appeal to my musical tastes.

If you’re like me and more into rock music, Band Hero is not the game for you. But if you want a game that’s more family friendly and interactive then you should give Band Hero a try. And if you’re Kayne West, you probably want to skip band Hero altogether.

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