Last-Minute Shopping Hacks for People Who Hate Waiting in Lines

I am a last-minute shopper. It is a badge of honor I wear with pride. I love the hustle and bustle of the crowded malls. I love the sound of Christmas music playing in the background as people scurry to snatch any remaining items from the shelves. I love the adrenaline rush that I get from finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family at the 11th hour.

The only thing I hate is lines. If I could pay someone to stand in line for me, I would. A feeling of dread overwhelms me when I see more than three or four people in a line. I’d rather not buy anything than stand in a long line to pay.

Fortunately, I discovered services at Sears that let me enjoy everything I love about last-minute shopping without having to wait in line.

I start by using the Sears Mobile App. Before I go to the mall, I open the app and search for gift ideas. The app lets me compare features, prices and user reviews; find deals, get eCoupons, earn and redeem Shop Your Way points, and pay for my purchases all from the comfort of home. What I like most about using the app is that I can avoid the lines by using the Free Store Pickup service.  I just go to the Merchandise Pickup area, scan the barcode on my “Ready for Pickup” email, and an associate brings my order out within 5 minutes. Winning!

Sometimes I don’t want to carry packages while in the midst of the last-minute shopping frenzy. That’s when I use Sears In-Vehicle Pickup service. After making my purchases through the app, I select the service as my delivery method. After a couple of hours of frolicking through the mall soaking up the holiday spirit, I return to my car, pull into one of the reserved parking spaces, and use the In-Vehicle Pickup feature on the Sears app to let them know I’m here. I wait about five minutes and an associate brings my order directly to my car.

If you’re like me and want to avoid lines, you should use these services from Sears to do all of your last-minute shopping.

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