How to Plan a Guys Getaway With Your Sons

Although I enjoying traveling with my whole family, I sometimes like to take my sons on a short trip for guys weekend. We like to call our journeys, MANcations. These mini-vacations give us time to bond, have fun, and create long-lasting memories. If you’d like to plan a weekend trips with your sons, here are a few tips:

Choose the Right Time

We all lead busy lives and carving out time for a weekend trip can be difficult. But it’s important to plan some time to spend with your sons. You should schedule this trip on your calendar just like any other important appointment, and refuse to allow other priorities to cause you to cancel it. As far as scheduling is concerned, holidays, three-day weekends, spring break, and summer are the best time to plan a trip. Be sure to stay flexible to take advantage of spontaneous travel opportunities. You never know when you might stumble upon a convenient, low-cost destination that you and your sons would love.

Make It a Road Trip

While flying may be faster, I enjoy taking road trips with my sons. There is something about being on the freedom of being on the open road that my son’s and I really enjoy. We can listen to our favorite music (we like to crank up of Lecrae and Andy Mineo), talk about important topics, catch up on each other’s lives, and act silly.

Participate in Fun Activities

Guys connect with one another by doing things. Use this your get-away to engage in activities you and your sons enjoy. Go fishing. Take a bicycle tour around the city. Go hiking in the mountains. Go camping in the woods. Attend a sporting event. Go to an outdoor concert or festival. The activity doesn’t really matter as long as it’s something you and your sons enjoy.

Eat Like a King

No guys getaway is complete without some good eats. During our trips, my sons like to try different dining experiences that may not be available where we live. One of our favorite dining experiences was at a Japanese restaurant where my sons tried sushi for the first time. I was afraid that they wouldn’t like it, but they scarfed down every morsel.

Find Time to Relax

Although our trips are usually no more than two or three days, we try to take some time to relax. Find nice, spacious accommodations where you and your sons can be comfortable. My go to place is Homewood Suites. The rooms are large enough for my two sons and me to spread out and chill. Many of the properties have courtyards or rooftop terraces where you can decompress and enjoy a nice breeze. Our quiet time recharges our batteries and gives us energy to make the most of our time together.

Our guys getaways have strengthened our relationship, and I’m sure it will do the same for you and your sons.

For more travel tips, visit the TravelMANager site.

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