6 Ways to Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping

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It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us. As I type this post from my office in Houston, TX, the temperature is 90 degrees (Jack Frost, where are you?). Nevertheless, I’m already making my holiday shopping plans. Here are a few of my tips that will help you get a head start on your holiday gift buying.

Make a List

Each year, the number of people I have to buy gifts for seems to grow. I have to start planning my holiday gift list well in advance, and so should you. Start by listing everyone that you plan to buy gifts for – family, friends, coworkers, etc. Next, write down any acquaintances, business associates, or services providers who you may want to surprise with a gift. This list may go through several revisions. That’s okay. This list will be your gift-buying bible.

Create a Budget

After making the list, you have to decide how much you will spend on gifts. Setting a budget will keep your holiday costs under control and prevent you from running up additional debt that will be a burden beyond the holiday season.

Find Out What They Want

Ask the people who have made the final cut about their likes and dislikes to better understand their tastes. If you want to get straight to the point, just ask them what type of gift they would like. It’s better to get this information up front than to give someone a gift that will be regifted

Find Great Deals

You will can check items off your holiday shopping list and score great deals during the Sears Member Bonus Event on Sunday, October 16 from 6 p.m. to 9p.m. To ensure members receive the best deals offered during the holiday season, Sears is introducing a Holiday Guarantee. When you shop in-store during the Sears Member Bonus Event on Oct. 16, Sears will automatically credit you the difference back in points, up to a maximum of $100 in points if any item purchased goes lower in the same store between that night and December 24th.

Let Someone Else Do the Wrapping

Some people love the process of selecting wrapping paper and carefully wrapping each gift. I do not. I prefer to have someone else do the wrapping for me. Most stores offer a gift-wrapping service. It may cost you a few extra dollars, but it will save you lots of time. There are also many local charities that will wrap gifts for a small donation.

Find a Good a Hiding Place

Since you’re shopping early, you will need to find a good place to hide your gifts. Garages, closets, basements, attics, and underneath beds make good hiding places. Just make sure to keep track of your hidden gifts. One year, I hid my gifts so well that I forgot where I hid them.

These simple tips will help to you make the most of your holiday shopping. Better yet, you kick back and drink some egg nog while others are still scrambling for last-minute gifts.

Stay Strong,

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P.S. – To help you get started on your holiday shopping, I’d like to give you the chance to enter to win a $100 Sears Gift Card. To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment below with your holiday shopping tips. You can receive extra entries by sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook (please tag @mochadad and @sears and use hashtag #sears).

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