The SentrySafe 1200 Privacy Lock Chest Helps to Protect What’s Important

When my daughter was born, I took a lot of pictures. Newborn photos, baby pictures, toddler shots. There was rarely a time when I wasn’t capturing special moments in my daughter’s life. Even Annie Leibowitz would be impressed by the sheer volume of images.

At the time, I was using film cameras. With film, I had to carefully frame every shot because I didn’t have the instant feedback that you get from a digital camera. I enjoyed the process of taking the photos to the lab and seeing my results. Looking at the finished photos brought me instant joy.

When digital cameras became popular, I ditched my film cameras. I scanned my negatives to CDs and loaded the images to my hard drive. Although my photos were safely stored on my computer, I couldn’t get rid of my negatives. They were dear to me and I wanted to hold on to them.

For many years, I simply stored the negatives in a cardboard box. I knew that this really wasn’t the best solution to keep them safe, but I never really explored a more permanent option.

Luckily I discovered the SentrySafe 1200 Privacy Lock Chest. This compact, durable safe is the perfect solution for my film storage needs. What I like most about this safe is that it is UL Classified to survive in a fire for 1/2 hour in up to 1550°F. This feature gives me peace of mind because I know the safe will help keep my negatives protected in the event of a fire.

sentry safe

Because of its durable build, the safe is pretty heavy. However, it is still portable due to its compact size. The safe has a carrying handle that makes picking up and transporting it convenient.

The safe also comes with a privacy key lock to keep your documents and valuables safe from prying eyes

If you’re looking for a compact and versatile way to protects your family’s most important documents, media, and valuables from fire damage then the SentrySafe 1200 Privacy Lock Chest is a great choice.

The other day, I discovered my cardboard box filled with slides (did I mention that I took A LOT of pictures). I may have to invest in another SentrySafe 1200 Privacy Lock Chest to store those too.

*This post is sponsored. I am member of the  Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad

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