Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

father's day traditions around the world

father's day traditions around the world

In the United States, dads have it pretty good on Father’s Day. Breakfast in bed, a few thoughtful gifts, and some quiet time with your family make for a nice day. But dads in other countries like to celebrate Father’s Day a bit differently. Some like to drink and hang out with their buddies while others enjoy a brisk 21-kilometer run. To give you an idea of how (and when) Father’s Day is celebrated around the world, we’ve compiled a list of Father’s Day traditions in ten countries. Scroll through the graphics below to see how global dads enjoy their special day.

Russia – С днем отца

Celebrate the Fatherland! And dad too.


father's day in russia

Portugal – Feliz dia dos pais

Just like American Father’s Day, but with fewer ties.

father's day in portugal

Germany – Alles Gute zum Vetertag

A day to do manly things with manly men.

father's day in germany


Thailand – S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn ph̀x

I hope you look good in Yellow.

father's day in thailand


Mexico – Feliz Día del Padre

Happy Father’s Day. Now run 21 kilometers

father's day in mexico


South Africa – Happy Father’s Day

Let me tell you about the one that got away…

father's day in south africa


Japan – Chichi no hi, omedeto

Flowers, beer, and shrimp. What more could you want?

father's day in japan


Nepal – Pitā divasakō śubhakāmanā

“Cow earned no moon night”

father's day in nepal


New Zealand – Happy Father’s Day

I’ll take an Earl Grey, please.

Pitā divasakō śubhakāmanā


Finland – hyvää isänpäivää

Sleep in, dad. You deserve it.

father's day in finland


Stay Strong,

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