Memories of Dad

memories of dad

memories of dad

My parents divorced when I was around 5 years old and my childhood memories of him are hazy. However, there are two memories that stand out.

My father raced cars on the Texas Dirt Track Circuit. I can remember watching him working on his cars in the driveway and taking me to races. The sights, sounds, and smells are still vivid in my mind and probably influenced my love of NASCAR and Indy racing.

My father was also a truck driver and he would take me on trips with him. Every time he honked his horn, I’d let out a gleeful laugh. At night, I’d sleep in the back of the cab while my dad drove. I thought it was so cool to be able to sleep in an 18-wheeler.

After I had kids, my father and I reconciled our relationship and started to create some new memories.

I asked my readers to share some of their favorite memories of their fathers. Their stories ran the gamut of emotions, but each one showed what an impact fathers have on the lives of their children.

Memories of Dad

My father taught me how to dance, how to take care of finances, and how to work hard. He may not remember my name these days (dementia), but I have some pretty good memories of him. – Melanie

Watching him bond with my sons, especially my oldest – breaks my heart that my youngest didn’t get to spend much time with him before he died unexpectedly. – Alea

My favorite memory of my dad is going fishing with him as a young child. We didn’t get to spend much time together when I got older, but I used to absolutely love going fishing. – Kim


I loved when he would take me to work with him when I was younger because he was so proud of me and happy to introduce me to all of his friend. He still is. – Brittney

My favorite memory is when he used to make homemade pizza or homemade fries for dinner. – Denise

When my dad walked me down the aisle of my wedding. – Amy

My favorite memory was a summer vacation when we went deep sea fishing – Richard

Him driving me to school everyday – Michelle

My favorite memory of my dad was playing catch with him in our backyard and playing basketball with him in our driveway. – Bryan

Going to the car races with him. – Shannon

memories of dad


My favorite memory of my father would be the countless hours he played Barbies with me without showing signs of stopping. – Elizabeth

My dad would stick up for me when my Mom was being too strict. – Stephanie

All of the times he would act supremely goofy and silly with me, no matter where we were or who was around. It helped teach me to not be embarrassed easily or take myself too seriously! – Alona

Staying up all night listening to music or watching old movies like The Quiet Man. – Denise

His taking me to the arcade as a kid and playing arcade games for hours – Brandon


I remember my dad teaching my to play basketball. I had no coordination at first. – Lataevea

Going out in the boat with him, just us two, or when I would help him build things in his workshop – Jules

Playing girly board games. – Erica

When I was little we would dance to “Brown Eyed Girl” and he would sing to me. – Rachel

My dad would bust out with an impromptu silly dance move to make me laugh and then walk calmly out of a room without a word while I’m dying from laughter! – Tracy

My dad taught us to always be compassionate, loving, understanding. and most of all how to throw a mean curve ball! – Laurie

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