5 Crucial Conversations that Newlyweds Must Have



My wife and I have been married nearly 20 years. While we have a loving and devoted relationship, we had to learn a few things about marriage the hard way. Some of our problems could have been avoided if we had started our marriage with some frank discussions about our future.

To help other couples get their marriage started on the right foot, I have compiled a list of 5 Crucial Conversations that Newlyweds Must Have.


One of the leading causes for divorce is finances. It’s not the lack of money that usually causes problems. Instead, it’s financial incompatibility that is the issue. One partner may be a saver while the other is a spender. One partner may have amassed mountains of debt while the other has a perfect credit score. Newlywed couples must openly discuss these issues and create sound finance plans to avoid future money and relationship problems.


Obviously this conversation begins with whether or not you want children. Serious martial issues can arise if couples have differing opinions. If you agree that you will have children, you must decide how many you will have and when you want to start your family. Some couples want to start having kids as soon as possible while others prefer to wait a couple  years. The last part of this conversation should be about your parenting styles. It is crucial that both parents are aligned on how they want to raise children. Things to consider are religious up-bringing, education, and discipline.


Many newlyweds quickly learn that dealing with in-laws can be dicey. You and your spouse have to talk about how the in-laws will be involved in your life. You will have to address holidays, frequency of visits, and in some cases whether or not in-laws should be allowed to move in with you. These conversations will become even more important after you have children to prevent in-laws from overstepping their bounds. Finally, you and your spouse need to discuss plans to care for aging parents.


In today’s society, the husband is no longer the sole bread-winner in most families. In fact, many men stay at home and take care of the kids while their wives work outside the home. You and your spouse have to discuss career options for your family. One spouse may have to quit their job to move to another city where the other spouse has a better job opportunity. These are real situations that occur every day. It’s best to have a plan ready when the situation arises.

Home Security

Buying your first home will be a significant milestone in your life. While many couples discuss how they plan to decorate their new house, few couples have frank discussions about home security. Even if you feel that your neighborhood is safe, you still have to consider home protection. With a burglary occurring every 15 seconds, no one is immune from crime. You can turn your house into a safe haven with added protection and security measures. Beyond customary locks, use a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Door Security Bar to resist forced entry through front, patio or sliding glass doors. You should also consider a durable, long-lasting safe, such as the Sentry Safe FHW40200 Waterproof Fire-Resistant File to protect your important documents and other valuables. Since June is National Safety Month, it is the perfect time to start this discussion.

Having these conversations may be a bit uncomfortable, but they are essential to setting a solid foundation for your marriage.

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