Tips to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Oasis

sears outdoor living

sears outdoor living

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Summer in Texas can be brutal. In Houston, the temperature can hover in the high 90s and low 100s for weeks on end. The high humidity only makes matters worst. You feel as if you’re stepping into a sauna every time you go outside. This extreme weather makes spending time outside uncomfortable to say the least. During the hours of 11 am- 6pm, many people seek the comfort of air-conditioned shelter.

Despite the heat, my family loves to spend time outdoors. A few years ago, my wife and I decided to build an outdoor patio because we didn’t want to spend the entire summer cooped up indoors. Although our patio is still a work in progress, we have created a relaxing oasis where we can entertain family and friends without worrying about the weather.

If you want to create a cool, comfortable outdoor living space, it’s easier than  you think. To help you with the process, Sears Outdoor Living and celebrity designer Ty Pennington have teamed up to offer a few tips to create the perfect outdoor oasis. I loved watching Ty Pennington on Trading Spaces. His knowledge of carpentry and design inspired me to tackle some DIY projects. Unfortunately none of my projects ever turned out as nice as Pennington’s. There was that one time that I attempted to refurbish an old table I found at a thrift store. I still have nightmares about sawdust and shellac. I guess those middle school woodworking classes didn’t teach me everything I needed to know.

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Fortunately, Pennington’s tips creating the perfect outdoor oasis are easy enough for anyone to follow:

Consider Your Climate

As I mentioned above, the Texas heat is unrelenting. In addition, we get heavy Thunderstorms during the Summer. That’s why is important to invest in durable furniture that can stand up to the environment. Consider patio furniture with a rust-resistant steel frame, UV-resistant fabric and an all-weather resin weave. The most popular patio sets on the market are made with either aluminum or steel. Steel is heavier than aluminum but can rust over time. Aluminum is naturally rustproof and generally requires less maintenance. For added protection, make sure your patio set has a heavy duty powder-coated frame if you choose steel. If you cannot add a physical roof to your patio area, be sure to purchase a large patio umbrella to protect you from the sun.

Build Your Base and Add Over Time

Many of the design shows on TV, complete a project in less than a week. You don’t have to do that. While it’s okay to purchase an entire patio collection at once, it may be easier and more cost effective to build it over time. The Ty Pennington Style Parkside Collection, in three colors for custom personalization, gives you the freedom to make additions to your set on your own time. When my wife and I designed our patio area, we started with a table and chairs. Later we added a small charcoal grill and a ceiling fan. In the future, we plan to add a gas grill and additional seating.

Dress Up Your Space with Color and Plants

Nothing dresses up a patio faster than plants and flowers. The foliage not only enhances the decor, but it also makes the outdoor space feel more natural and alive. You can also refresh your patio with colorful rugs, pillows, and cushions. Use your imagination, creativity, and style to personalize the space and make it yours.

Become a Grill Master

Nothing says summer like outdoor grilling. Whether you’re a novice griller or a seasoned outdoor pro, Sears has the grills to match your space and skill set. With 40,000 BTUs of power, a side burner and two large wheels for easy maneuvering, the Kenmore 4 Burner Gas Grill with stainless steel lid is ideal of the beginning griller. If cooking for a crowd is more your style, consider the Kenmore Elite® 600 Series 4 Burner Gas Grill. With 694 square inches of total cooking area, 64,000 BTUs of power, and a cast iron side burner to cook side dishes and sauces, it’s the ideal grill for the avid entertainer. Another great outdoor appliance is the Kenmore 5-Burner Island Gas Grill with Refrigerator. With a side searing burner, a storage cabinet, two storage drawers and a built-in refrigerator, you can focus on the food and your guests with fewer trips to the kitchen.

If you don’t have a patio area, don’t worry. You can still create a nice space for outdoor entertaining on your apartment balcony or condo deck. For an intimate yet eclectic look and feel, consider the extensive line of bistro and bar sets available at Sears. They are easily customizable and ideal for dining for two.

Don’t let an uninspired outdoor living space hamper your summer outdoor living plans. Use these tips to create your perfect space.

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