Should Students Be Required to Take State Tests?

state test

state test

Mandatory state testing is a big problem. Recently dozens of Florida schools had to postpone state testing amid software problems and other technical glitches. Meanwhile, a few dozen parents at Houston area schools refused to allow their children to take the state STAAR exams. Compare that to the 175,000 kids who opted out of New York State’s English exam.

My daughter told me that kids at her middle school were throwing up and suffering from anxiety attacks because they were so stressed out about the tests. And we’ve all heard the stories about educators who bent the rules to make sure that their students didn’t receive failing grades.

Many parents, teachers, students, and administrators would like to see the process overhauled, but they don’t know what steps to take to make changes. I recently talked about state testing on my local NPR affiliate station with my esteemed colleagues, Houston Matters host, Craig Cohen; Pulitzer Prize winning Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg; and Vladimir Davidiuk, Chairman of the College Republicans & Junior Senator in the Student Government Association at the University of St Thomas.

Listen to the audio and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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