Keeping Your Family Safe Through Every Season of Life

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black family

My wife and I have been married for nearly 20 years. Through every season of our lives together, we’ve worked hard to protect our marriage, our family, and our personal possessions. Even if you’re just starting our in your marriage, you need to make plans to keep your family safe during the following life stages:

New Home

My wife and I bought our first home in 2000. It seemed like a great way to start the new millennium. Although we didn’t have any kids yet, we knew we wanted a children and sought a house that would accommodate our growing family. We searched for several months and finally closed on our dream home towards the end of the year. After completing the paperwork, handing over the down payment, and receiving the keys to our new home, my wife and I were ecstatic. However, our euphoria was short lived as reality set in. Our realtor pulled me aside and said, “I know you’re happy right now, but before you get too comfortable in your new home, you really should change all of the locks. There is no telling who may still have a key to your house.” It never dawned on me that there could be other copies of my house key floating around out there. After doing a quick assessment of my new home, I made a b-line to the hardware store to buy new interior and exterior door locks and a padlock for the garage. This piece of advice stuck with me I bought my second house.

New Baby

There is nothing like a new baby to make you acutely aware of all of the danger in the world. When my first child was born, I spent a lot of time crawling through the house on my hands and knees to find things that might harm my sweet little baby. I installed outlet covers, baby gates, and bumpers around the house. My wife and I read Consumer Reports to make sure we bought the safest crib, car seat, high-chair, and toys. Although our parents thought we were going overboard (“We never had any of that stuff when you were growing up, and you turned out fine,” they’d say), but my wife and I knew we were doing the right things to protect our children.

Tween and Teen Years

Tweens and teens bring on a different set of challenges for parents. They want the latest phones, clothing, and electronic devices. But the problem with giving them these expensive toys is that kids lose things, and break things. There is a graveyard of broken devices in my kitchen drawer. I try to make it easy for my kids to keep track of and protect their valuables by getting them Master Lock Combination Portable Personal Safes. The portable safes are big enough to fit gaming devices, cell phones, earbuds, and other small valuables and they are small enough to fit in their backpacks. Best of all, they combination lock helps to deter thefts.


Now that my wife are in our 40s, we pay close attention to things like insurance (health, life, home, auto), finances, retirement, and end-of-life planning (i.e. wills, power of attorney). Although these are not the most exciting topics, they are extremely important. To keep track of all of these important documents, my wife and I store them in one of two places: Our Keyed Locking File Box or our Keyed Fire Retardent Locking Security Chest. The locking file keeps us organized and gives us a secure place to store documents that we need to access often such birth certificates, insurance documents, tax info, etc. The security chests store other valuables such as passports, old love letters, and our marriage license. In addition to these physical storage devices, I also use Master Lock Vault to protect my digital life. I also use Vault to store passwords and encrypt important documents. Knowing that these important things are protected gives my wife and I peace of mind.

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