How to Keep Technology from Taking Over Your Family’s Life [Audio]



As someone who makes a living online, I know the pitfalls of being too connected. Technology has become so pervasive that we sometimes miss out on the world around us because we are constantly staring at screens. However, technology has also made our lives much easier. For instance, I discovered an app called PhotoMath that has made me the king of 8th grade algebra. Before I found it, I was struggling to help my daughter with her homework. The app allows me to snap a photo of the equation and get the answer and steps to solve it. Now I no longer fear all of those Xs and Ys.

I recently appeared on my local NPR station, Houston Public Media, to talk about technology’s effect on our lives and what we can do to make sure it works for us, and not against us.

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Join the conversation: How do you keep technology from taking over your family’s life?

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