What Parents Like Most About Back to School Season

back to school

back to school

Now that most kids have returned to school, parents seem to be breathing a collective sigh of relief. For many families, summer was a time for kids to relax and spend unstructured days playing video games, exploring, or watching TV.  Back-to-school season, however, restores a sense of order that many parents desire.

I asked Mocha Dad readers to share what they liked most about back-to-school season. While you will notice a common thread throughout the responses, a few of the answers may surprise you.

I like paying less for childcare. – Danielle

I like back to school because there is now more peace and quiet in the house – Richard

My kids are grown now, but my favorite thing about back to school was being able to keep the house clean for more than 30 minutes! – Dara

I like getting back into a routine and having a little more time to myself – Sarah

I love the change of pace. Summer is a wonderful break, but sometimes things feel more normal with the routine that comes with school. – Jackie

I love back to school because I have a better chance at getting more things accomplished. – Michelle

Getting to start playing football again – Emmy


My kids like picking new backpacks and I like the freedom when they go to school. – Denise

My boys are excited to see all their friends again. I’m excited about all they will learn this year. – Ellie

I like the peace and quiet – Brenda

I love getting back into a normal routine! We have no schedule during the summer, which is okay, but it’s not good for all the time, ya know? – Kim

I like the routine and excitement of new material and adventure – Lorraine

I like getting back to a routine and cooler weather. – Kimberly

Seeing my boys all spiffed up in new clothes always makes me smile. – Chris

The schedule and time to work during the day is what I like. – Stephanie

What I like most about back to school season is that the kids go back to school! -Christina

Starting off fresh and new, from new shoes to new teachers. – Gina

I like the peace and quiet when they are in school! – Kimberly

We like the freshness of a new year! – Emily

We like cheering our alma mater at football games. -Sheryl

My daughter loves the social aspect. That she can see her friends again and chit chat about whatever they haven’t been able to talk about for 3 months. – Christy

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I love seeing the kids in their new clothes and bright clean shoes waiting on the bus. – Valerie

I’m looking forward to early bedtimes 🙂 – Sue

I love the shopping and school orientation for children and parents, all the events that my daughter and I do together. We have fun when we have time together and it seems after the chaos of summer, we once again become closer in back to school season. – Trisha

We most like how lovely the weather is at this time of year and the kids love seeing all of their friends again! – Amber

I like the scheduled-ness of it!! – Kim

I like the peace and quiet, and that my house stays clean once they go back – Susan

I think I like getting the house back to myself for a little while – love the quiet moments – Mary

I mean this both seriously and with a slight bit of sarcasm: we homeschool, so my favorite part if that we don’t have to go through some of the same school shopping headaches that other parents do…(especially the clothes!). – Scott

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