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The summer before my daughter’s first year of middle school was fraught with anxiety. She worried about making friends, finding her classes, and whether her new teachers would be nice or mean. These concerns were minuscule compared to the thing she worried about the most – remembering her locker combination (read her post – 5 Important Things 5th Graders Need to Know to Make it Through Middle School).

To ease her mind, I purchased a combination lock for her to get familiar with. Throughout the summer, she memorized the combination and practiced opening and closing the lock until she could do it without thinking about it.

Having conquered her combination lock anxiety, my daughter entered middle school with confidence. She became instantly popular because she was able to help the other sixth graders with their lockers. However, she said that it took about six weeks before everyone could open their lockers without any trouble.

My daughter is in eighth grade now and she is a seasoned locker pro. Currently her biggest concerns revolve around technology – How much battery life does her phone have? Is there Wi-Fi available? Why hasn’t anyone texted her in the past 3 seconds?

I can’t do much about those problems, but I did help her to boost her locker-cred with a high-tech Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock.

The electronic directional interface offers speed, ease of use, and multiple personalized codes. Within a couple minutes of removing the lock from the box, my daughter had programmed her personal code and added a guest code for me (not that I’ll ever need to get into her locker at school).

Middle-schoolers no longer have to worry about memorizing their locker combination because this device comes with a USB drive to store your information and 3-Months of Master Lock Vault service (where you can organize and protect personal information with secure, convenient, digital storage).

With it’s sleek, futuristic design, this lock is perhaps the coolest combination lock I’ve ever seen. The only downside is that it is currently only available in black and white. My daughter wanted more color options to better suit her personality.

The lock comes with a battery and claims to have 5 years of battery life (enough to get my daughter through high school).

As my daughter prepares to enter her final year of middle school, she plans to take a few sixth-graders under he wing to show them the ropes or at least help them open their lockers.

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Join the conversation: Did you or your child ever worry about remembering your locker combination?

Disclosure: I’m a paid member of the master Lock Live Secure Squad.

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