Two Dads and Their Sons Spend a Day at the Lake

sea-doo spark

sea-doo spark

In my last video, I had some fun with my Sea-Doo Spark. This time, I actually put the Spark in the water. My friend, Coby, and I took our sons to Sommerville, TX to spend an afternoon on the lake. Coby is real outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and water sports. When I suggested this father/son road trip to him, he was all for it.

We met at my house on a Saturday morning and agreed on our location. We picked Lake Sommerville because it was relatively close and less crowded than some of the other waterways around Texas. After securing the trailer to my vehicle, we hit the road and began our hour and a half journey. It was a nice drive through the Texas Hill Country. Only three times did the boys ask, “Are we there yet?”

At the lake, I located the boat launch area and attempted to back the SUV and trailer down the ramp. I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I could not keep the trailer straight. It kept turning and jack-knifing behind me.  I looked in the rear-view mirror to see Coby laughing.

“Do you need some help?” he yelled.

“Obviously,” I said.

Coby is a skilled backer-upper (yes, I made up that word). I stepped out of the vehicle and let him take over.

As I unfastened the Spark from the trailer, I heard an explosion. I looked over my shoulder to see flames shooting from a boat a few yards away. The boat’s owner scrambled to extinguish the flames. After the fire was out, a few fellow boaters helped him to pull the vessel ashore. That was quite an exciting way to start our day.

sea-doo spark

Coby and I took turns riding the Spark while the boys watched from the dock. We spent about two hours on the water and pushed the Spark to it’s limits. Coby even got a ticket for speeding on the water.

We ended the day with lunch at a local BBQ restaurant (BTW – Texas BBQ is the best). While we ate, Coby and I promised to visit the lake again and not allow our busy lives to prevent us from hanging out. Prior to this trip, it had been a couple of years since we’ve participated in an activity together.

But what we treasured the most was spending time with our sons and sharing our love for the great outdoors. These are the fatherhood moments that I treasure the most.

sea-doo spark

Watch this short video to see some of our adventures on the Sea-Doo Spark.


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