A Simple Game of Tag Can Have a Huge Impact on a Child

children running

children running

Last summer, I was sitting on the patio enjoying a tall glass of iced tea while my sons played in the backyard. Their squeals of joy blended into the suburban symphony of lawnmowers, barking dogs and hand tools wielded by do-it-yourselfers. As I took in the scene, I could feel someone watching me. I looked over my shoulder to discover Tyler, one of the neighborhood kids, peering over my gate.

“Can I come and play?” he asked. His tiny face barely reached the top of the fence and I could tell that he was balancing himself on the tips of his toes.

“Of course you can,” I replied. “The more the merrier.”

He opened the fence and walked towards me.

“Would you like some tea?” I asked as I pointed to the pitcher that was dripping with condensation as the ice cubes fought a losing battle with the Texas heat.

“Nah,” he said. “I’m not thirsty.”

He ran to the jungle gym where my boys were playing and joined the fun. After a few minutes of swinging, sliding and jumping off the top of the structure, the boys got bored and decided to play something else.

“Let’s play tag,” said my older son…(Read the rest on LetsPlay.com)

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