Should Parents Force Teens to Get Summer Jobs? [Video]

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Here’s yet another thing teenagers don’t want to do this summer: get a job. The number of teens with summer jobs has fallen nearly 30 percent since the late ‘70s. Last summer, there were nearly 11.4 million 16- to- 19-year-olds who were not in the workforce . Of those, only 8.3 % said they wanted a job. What’s a parent to to do?

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In this segment on Fox 26 Houston, I discuss these trends with anchor Tom Zizka; Public Policy Analyst, Jacquie Baly; and John Pacini, Founder of Dad2.0. We also debate whether parents should force teens to get summer jobs.

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Join the conversation: Why do you think fewer teens want summer jobs? Should parents force teens to get summer jobs? Did you have a job when you were a teenager?

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