How Parents Can Deal with Cyber-Bullying [Video]


People on the internet can be so hurtful. Recently, Megan Mennes who writes the blog, Define Crazy: Balancing my role as a mother, wife, teacher, and rebel, took a picture of her son recently ill son. He was smiling and happy and Megan wanted to share news of his recovery. After posting the photo on her Facebook page with the hashtag, #downsyndrome, someone posted a comment calling her son, “Ugly.” Her response, “An Open Letter to a Troll,” went viral and helped to shine a light on people who use the internet to bully and attack others.

As a parent blogger, I’m cognizant of the risks of posting photos of my family online. I do my best to protect my family and keep them safe online. I often talk to my children about the dangers of cyber-bullying and I try to equip them with tools to deal with the situation if it arises. I also talk to them about being kind and respectful online because I don’t want them to engage in any cyber-bullying.

I discussed cyber-bullying and Megan’s viral response on a segment on Fox 26 Houston. I was joined by Lisa Carey from Money Saving Parent and author and counselor, Mary Jo Rapini. Watch our conversation and share your thoughts.

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Join the conversation: Have you ever dealt with harmful internet comments or cyber-bullies? Share your experiences and your advice on dealing with it?

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