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mother's dayI love my mother. She is the single biggest influence in my life. The lessons she taught me have served me and I’m grateful for her investments in me. Although my mom gave me advice and shared words of wisdom, she taught most of her lessons through actions.

I learned the importance of family through my mother’s devotion to my sister and me. She showed us that nothing was more importance than us by being available whenever we needed her. Her hugs and kisses always made us feel loved, safe, and secure.

I learned the importance of giving to others by watching my mom help those in need. Even though we often struggled to get by, my mother never passed up an opportunity offer her time or resources. Her sacrificial giving taught me that we have look beyond ourselves and work to improve other people’s lives.

I learned the importance of hard work by watching my mother work a full time job, care for my sister and me, and serve at our church. She was often tired, but that never stopped her from completing tasks with excellence. I often wondered how she managed to do it all. She told me that her desire to make a better life for her children is what fueled her drive.

I learned the importance of education by watching my mother attend night classes to earn a degree. She also filled our house with books and provided other educational experiences for my sister and me even though she couldn’t always afford them. I was interested in art as a child and I wanted to attend a summer art class. I was hesitant to ask my mother about it because it cost $100 (a huge amount of money for my family). My mother told me not worry about the price. She was more interested in giving me new experiences and nurturing my passions. In addition to these specific lessons,

I learned the importance of respect, integrity, and faith by watching my mother live her life. To celebrate Mother’s Day, I asked my readers to share the lessons they learned from their mothers. What I received was a list of heartfelt wisdom that that we can all apply to our lives:

The best lesson my mother taught me is to always try new things. It’s not so much that she said this, although I’m sure she has, but her actions over her lifetime show me that this has always been very important to her. Growing up, I remember her joining different organizations, volunteering her time and being very involved with the arts. She’s still like that now too! She takes different classes and always wants to keep participating in the fullness of life. – Lisa Johnson 

The best lesson my mother taught me is that the man who works in the parking garage is no less a person than the one who signs my paycheck and should be treated accordingly. This lesson has served me well. It’s often been the little guy who helped me get things done! –Holly Oehrlein

The best lesson my mother, Gerri Rothman, taught me in life is to avoid the “shoulds.” You can’t change the past, and saying “I should have,” or “she should have” doesn’t get you what you want. Instead, understand what you need and move forward with no regrets. She also taught me how to fold a fitted sheet, sew a hem, and how to make Jewish chicken soup. All while she was running a business with 10 employees! – Bonnie Morris

The best piece of advice my mother ever taught me was to “always be kind, especially when you feel someone doesn’t deserve it.” I think it’s her generous spirit and her faith that make her the most patient and nurturing woman I’ve ever met. I strive to be more like her and show my daughter the good in people instead of the bad. – Alison Smolinski

The best lesson my mom taught me was, I can be whatever I want to be in life, which is why I was crazy enough to launch a tech company without knowing how to write a single line of code – James Oliver, Jr.

She taught me, there is power in the tongue. She always told me to watch what you say because once it’s out in the atmosphere, you can’t take it back. She also said that you are what you say you. – Tomeka Alston

Do what you say you’re going to do. Keep your word! – Michelle E. Faulkner

She taught me that conversation never really finishes. She also taught me to respect a woman. Man is implied in that statement also – Brandon Donaldson

Mom taught me to always be accountable. If you make your bed you gotta lie in it. No matter how hard it is – Angelo Singletary

Don’t ever leave home without perfume or lipstick. – Merianne Jackson

My mother shared this wisdom with me – “I made mistakes, but I didn’t tell you about it. I tried to protect you the best that I could, but it wasn’t enough. I regret not being there more, but I can’t turn back time. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Remember the most important pieces of your life – your children and the moment you’re in. Live Life Without ‘Buts'” – Danitra Bey

One life lesson from my mom is to be a person of my word, no matter how others behave or treat me. – Lisa Jean-Pierre

While at social gathering, never turn your back on your food or drink and then go back to finish it – Lelah Lee

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