What Happens When My Wife Shops for My Clothing


According to a poll by GQ Magazine, 65% of men rely on their wives to buy their clothing. I’ve talked to several guys who have admitted to allowing their wives to shop for them. The main reason they don’t buy their own clothing is because they hate shopping.

I’ve also spoken to women who buy their husbands’ clothes. They do it because they feel as if they have a better idea of what looks good on their spouses.

My wife and I have been married for over 16 years and during our time together, she has rarely bought me any clothes. She may buy me a T-shirt on occasion, but that’s the extent of her shopping for me. However, I was curious about what she would choose if she were in charge of buying my clothes. To find out, I gave her $100 (disclosure: Kohl’s provided a gift card) to purchase outfits for me.

Before we left, we established a few rules:

1. I was only there to try on the clothes for fit.

2. I could not veto any items.

3. I could not select any items for myself.

At the store, I set up camp in the dressing room while my wife selected items she liked and handed them to me.

The first thing I noticed is that my wife likes to see me in laid-back casual outfits. I have a tendency to get dressed up for most occasions. In fact, my wife often asks me to dress down when we go out on dates because she doesn’t want me to be better dressed than she is.

This first outfit included Lee Modern Series Slim Straight Jeans, Helix Western Shirt, Rock and Republic Two-Pocket Jacket. She did a good job because I would have chosen this outfit for myself. It’s stylish and modern.

mochadad kohls-1

The next thing I noticed was that my wife likes to see me in bright colors. Although I’m not afraid of bright colors, I have a tendency to wear darker hues.

The second outfit she chose was a red Apt 9 Quarter Zip Sweater and gray Levi’s 513 Jeans. I probably wouldn’t have picked this outfit for myself, but I like it because my wife likes the way I look in red.

mochadad kohls-web2

This shopping experience was fun and informative. Not only did I get a couple of nice, new outfits, but I also have a better idea of what my wife likes to see me wear.

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Join the conversation: For the men – Do you rely on your wife to buy your clothing? For the women – Do you regularly buy your husband’s clothing?


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