Top 20 Mocha Dad Posts of 2013

 top 20 mocha dad posts

2013 was a great year for Mocha Dad. I got to discuss my perspective on father in several media outlets including NPR, HuffPost Live, and CNN. My video series on Kids in the House earned me a voices of the year nomination. Most importantly, I was able to write over 200 blog posts to share with my loyal Mocha Dad readers. Your encouragement, comments, and social media shares inspired me to keep producing content that helps parents, specifically fathers, connect with their families. These were the top 20 Mocha Dad Posts of 2013:

 1. The Power of a Father’s Hand
 2. How Dads Can Help Their Young Sons Deal With Early Puberty
 3. The Untold Story of My Family’s Heritage
 4. Do Your Part to End Domestic Violence
 5. A Cool Bike for Cool Dads
 6. Before You Punish Your Child, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions
 7. Reading Can Transform a Child’s Life
 8. Fathers Must Teach Their Sons That Rape is Unacceptable
 9. 7 Tips to Help Parents Teach Their Children About Sex
10. The Peculiar Case of the Reading Dad
11. How to Find Age-Appropriate Clothing for Tween Girls
12. Mocha Dad and Moms: Calling Your Child’s Bluff
13. Boys and Masculinity
14. A Father Samples the Cafeteria Lunch at His Son’s School
15. 10 Ways to Be a Better Dad
16. Fatherhood and Football: A Conversation with Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Quarterback
17. Marriage Viewpoints: Dealing With the Nail in Your Head
18. Fatherhood, Hockey, & the Power of Dreams: An Interview with Jim Craig, Olympic Gold Medalist
19. The Final Mo for Movember 2013
20. How Absent Fathers Affect Children

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