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It’s been 15 days since I shaved off my facial hair for Movember. Over the past two weeks, a new mo has sprouted above my lip.

“You’re finally starting to look normal again,” said my 6 year old son. It’s a good thing I have high self-esteem. If not, I would have been deeply offended by his comment.

But my son isn’t the only person who has opinions about my moustache. The other day, one of my colleagues pointed to my face and asked, “What’s the deal with your moustache?”

“I’m growing it out to save men’s lives,” I replied. I proceeded to tell her about my Movember campaign to raise money for cancer research and she started telling me about all of the friends she’s lost to cancer.

Cancer will affect many men in their lifetime. The three most common cancers among men are: (1) prostate cancer; (2) Lung cancer; (3) colorectal cancer. The leading causes of cancer death among men are (1) lung cancer; (2) prostate cancer; (3) colorectal cancer; (4) liver cancer.

Too many men die from cancer because because they are reluctant to go to the doctor.

“Men are symptom driven,” said Dr. Robert Robinson. “If nothing’s hurting they feel as if everything is okay. However, this isn’t the best way to care for yourselves. You must be proactive with your health by seeking regular preventative care. It’s also important to have a healthy diet, get regular exercise, control your weight and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.”

My friend, James, only discovered his cancer because wasn’t feeling well and asked a mutual friend, Mark, to recommend a doctor.

“You don’t have your own doctor?” Asked Mark.

“Naw,” said James. “I never bothered because I don’t want to deal with all of that paperwork. It’s too much of a hassle.”

Thankfully Mark able to get James a hassle-free appointment with his doctor. If not for Mark’s intervention, James may not have known about his cancer until it was too late.

“Many men lead busy lives and don’t take the time to invest in their health,” said Dr. Robert Robinson. “Taking care of yourself should be your top concern because the people who love you and depend on you need you to be around for as long as possible.”

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