The Final Mo for Movember 2013


Another Movember has come and gone. During the month, I raised $150 for cancer research (you can still donate to my Mo Space) and my team raised nearly $50,000.

I began the month by shaving off my facial hair to grow a new Mo during Movember. Here’s how I looked when I started the month:

mochadad movember

I ended the month with a moustache that became the envy of my neighbors (check out my Mid-Month Mo). As the old saying goes, “With great moustache comes great responsibility.” Therefore I decided to put my moustache to good use and try some new careers.

Mocha Einstein

mochadad einstein


70s Spokesmodel

70s Mocha Dad

Lost Member of The Time

mochadad the time


Suburban Rick James

mochadad rick james

Although I posted these photos for fun, I have a more serious intent. My first Movember post, “Movember 2013: Fighting Cancer for My Friend,” explained why I’m so passionate about eradicating cancer. One of my best friends was fighting colon cancer and I wanted to do all I could to help him beat it. Sadly, he lost the fight on 11/08/2013.  I don’t want anyone else to lose loved ones to cancer. That’s why it’s so important for all men to get regular health exams. Don’t wait until you get sick to visit a doctor. Make it a part of your regular health routine along with eating right and exercising. And let’s keep fighting to make this world cancer-free.

Stay Strong,

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Join the conversation: Which is your favorite look from the photos above?

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