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I’ve always loved bicycles. It’s a love affair that began when I was a young child. My family didn’t have a car so I had to find alternative transportation methods. My bicycle was my passport to adventure and freedom.

I still enjoy riding my bike and I currently own two – a mountain bike and a road bike. I bought the mountain bike in 1996 when I lived in Georgia. While there aren’t many mountains in Georgia, there are many back wood trails that I liked to explore.

One day, I had the bright idea to ride my bike to work.  At the time, I worked in construction at a paper mill. Riding my bike to work taught me three valuable lessons:

  1. Steel-toe boots are not conducive to bike riding
  2. Riding a bike across bridges and rocky roads is treacherous
  3. It’s nearly impossible to park a bike at a paper mill

From that point on, I was content to load my bike into the back of my Jeep and drive across the bridge to St. Simon’s Island and ride my bike around the tranquil beach community.

In 2000, I moved back to my hometown, Houston, TX, and bought the road bike to train for the MS150 (a two-day ride from Houston to Austin). Although I enjoyed riding the bike, I never made it to Austin. Actually, I never signed up for the event, but it’s on my to-do list.

I’m still a bit of gear head when it comes to bikes. I like to skim through cycling magazines to see the new models and technology.  My current favorite is from the A2B line of ebikes.

Houston can be somewhat hostile towards bikes. I’ve even shaken my fists at a few cyclists that I’ve encountered on Houston roads. But my suburban neighborhood seems to be more accepting of bikes than the city-dwellers. With it’s tree lined streets, cul-de-sacs, and light traffic, my neighborhood was perfect to test the A2B Alva+

For my first ride, I donned a dark mock turtleneck shirt, jeans, boots, sunglasses and a leather jacket to make me feel more like one of the guys from “Sons of Anarchy” and give the bike some street cred.

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My neighbor, Tom, saw me posing with the bike and came outside to investigate. When I explained how the bike worked, he wanted one of his own.

“That’s a pretty slick looking bike,” he said.

Tom’s reaction was typical. I rode the bike throughout my neighborhood and was stopped by a group of curious skateboarders, several pedestrians, a few fellow cyclists, and one neighbor who challenged me to a race in his car (he won).

The speed limit in my neighborhood is 30 mph. The A2B bike’s top speed is only 10 mph slower. While that may not seem that fast in a car, but it feels pretty zippy when traveling on a bike through suburbia. Therefore, I felt at-ease among the traffic.

A bike rep told me that one guy claimed to get 60 miles on one charge. However, a pesky thing called physics makes me question that claim. I would estimate that it’s possible to go half that distance on one charge.

Sadly, electric bikes are not allowed in the MS150. That’s okay. Riding my A2B bike around town is good enough for me.

Stay Strong,

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Disclosure: I received an A2B bike. All opinions are my own.


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