A Slumber Party with Nine Ten-Year Old Boys

slumber party

When my middle son N turned 10, we wanted to do something special to celebrate his birthday. I suggested a Game Truck party, which N was excited about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it planned in time (besides, my wife wanted something a little more budget friendly).

After a few weeks of deliberation, N decided that he wanted to have a slumber party. I did a quick calculation in my head – Ten 10-year old boys + 12 hours at my house = Not gonna happen.

However, N, had an ally in his corner – my wife. I was no match for their persuasion. Against my better judgment, I agreed because my wife decided to include an “almost sleepover” option in the invitation. The boys could spend the night or stay until 11 p.m.

Our house is no stranger to slumber parties. We’ve hosted several a few for my daughter Nee and for the girls from our church. But those late night giggle fests did nothing to prepare us for the rough and tumble world of a boy’s sleepover.

N invited 10 friends – two of whom quickly said they couldn’t make it. A few days before the party, we had three yeses, but not a word from the rest. As the party date drew closer, we were a bit concerned because we had no idea how many boys would show up or choose to stay all night.

Imagine our surprise when all 8 boys showed up plus one boy who brought his uninvited brother with him. The mom din not call beforehand to ask if it was okay to bring an extra child. She just showed up at our door with two kids and left without saying a word. Although my wife and I were confused, we took it in stride and adjusted for the extra child.

N had warned his mom early on in the party planning process that he didn’t want a night filled with “baby games.” Instead, he wanted to play Nerf guns and basketball outside, then watch wrestling and play video games. While his mom lamented that she couldn’t try out her best party games, N and I rented a couple of popular video games and got set up.

Unfortunately, things quickly fell apart. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, especially when they include a houseful of rowdy boys. It rained most the evening and those cool new video games were all scratched and unplayable. Chaos ensued.

I spent the entire night trying to keep nine boys from destroying my house and hurting each other. For the next few hours, the upstairs portion of my house resembled a frat house without the alcohol. I’m pretty sure someone had a lampshade on their head. By 9pm, I was worn out and I hoped that a few of the boys would be leaving at 11 p.m. Only one boy left and he was the quiet one.

They boys finally fell asleep around 1 a.m. after much chiding from my wife and me. The next morning around 7 a.m., we were awakened by loud thuds. I went upstairs to investigate. Some of the boys were playing a full-fledged game of football while the other boys were body-slamming one another WWE style.

I immediately gathered the boys to get dressed, eat breakfast, and go outside where they resumed their sporting events.

My wife and I were exhausted and vowed never to have another slumber party again. However, my son and his friends had one last request as the party came to a close, “Let’s do that again. It was so much fun!”

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Join the conversation: Have you ever had a slumber party at your house? If so, how did it turn out? If not, would you consider having a slumber party?

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