Fun and Easy Halloween Costumes for Boys

I try not to spend a lot of money on Halloween costumes. Instead, I help my kids design costumes from things we have around the house or can buy from thrift stores. I also stock up on accessories such as wigs, masks, hats, glasses, jewelry, and makeup during the after-Halloween clearance sales.

If your sons are still deciding what to wear for Halloween, here a few fun and easy Halloween costumes for boys.

Men In Black

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Old suit, sunglasses, white shirt, black tie


Football Player

mochadad football

Texans jersey, eyeliner, football



mochadad hippie

Vest, T-shirt, plastic beads, rubber bracelets, wig, sunglasses

Old School Rapper

mochadad rapper

Hat, t-shirt, jeans, microphone

Country Singer

mochadad country

Cowboy hat, guitar, denim shirt

Secret Agent

mochadad agent

Hat, moustache, white shirt, black blazer


Professional Wrestler

mochadad wwe

Old ripped T-shirt, toy wresting belt, wrestling mask

Business Man

halloween costume

Old suit, shirt, shoes, coffee cup, briefcase


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Join the conversation: What are your favorite Halloween costume ideas?

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