Preparing for the First Day of Kindergarten

Image via GoldfishSmiles

Image via GoldfishSmiles

When the days grow shorter and Trapper Keepers return to store shelves, families shift from fancy-free summer mode to break-neck back-to-school mode. Children make the most of their last days of freedom while parents scurry to get everything and everyone ready for the first day of school.

As the father of three children, I’m well acquainted with this annual routine. My wife and I spend the last few weeks of August cramming in family vacations, stocking up on school supplies, and scouring the mall for the latest back-to-school fashions.

My two older kids take it all in stride. They are back-to-school pros and rarely make a big deal about the upcoming school year. But this year, things are a bit more exciting for me because my youngest child is going to kindergarten (also see: Going to Kindergarten Ain’t as Easy as it Used to Be).

It would be easy to allow this occasion to pass without fanfare. He is the third child after all. But his enthusiasm about going to “big-boy school” has rekindled my new dad impulses. There is something special about the first first day of kindergarten and I intend to make it memorable for my son.

Whenever someone mentions kindergarten, my son stops whatever he is doing and starts inquiring about his school.

“Who is my teacher?” he asks.

“I don’t know yet,” I say.

“Will she be nice?” he asks.

“Probably so,” I say to reassure him. “I think you will like your new teacher.” He smiles and asks a few more questions and goes back to playing with his toys…Read the rest of the article on my blog at Goldfishsmiles.

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Question: What is your fondest memory of your child’s first day at school?

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