Podcast: Do Dads Get Enough Respect?

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We all have a favorite TV dad. I actually have two – Heathcliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show) and Steven Keaton (Family Ties). These men were wise, caring, and fully engaged in their families’ lives. Watching their performances shaped my views, not only about fatherhood, but also about men in general.

Since those shows went off the air, there have been fewer positive portrayals of dads in the media. I’ve often wondered what prompted this cultural shift. Part of it has to do with families’ breaking apart. The problem is particularly bad in the African-American community where more than 70 percent of African American children are born outside of marriage. I read a sign that said, “Santa Claus. Easter Bunny. Dad. Kids stop believing in things they never see.” Although the message was harsh, it captured the sentiment that many children felt.

Another reason why dads don’t get respected is because we’re often seen as second class parents. I will admit that men haven’t always been as involved in their children’s lives as moms were. However, Gen X dads and now Gen Y dads are working to change those perceptions by being active parents.

In this interview with The Voice of Ocala (1370AM or 96.3FM, WOCA, The Source!), I discuss these topics and others related to men, dads, and raising children in today’s society.

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Question: What are some traits of good dads?

P.S. – In this interview, the host refers to my book. He is actually referring to my article, “7 Traits of Real Men.





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