Father’s Day Questionnaire Results

Each year, I ask my children to complete a Father’s Day questionnaire. In addition to answering questions about me, they have to draw a picture of me on the back of the page. I love reading their responses and seeing the drawings. It’s interesting to see how their perceptions of me change each year (click link to read last year’s post).

X, 5 year-old son

mochadad father's day-x

My daddy’s name is Fred (Yes, yes it is).

He is 43 years old, 4 inches tall and weighs 46 pounds (He got the age right, but he’s  a wee bit off on the height and weight.)

His favorite food is pizza (Actually that’s my son’s favorite food)

My daddy is really good at handstands (Do you see what I have to do to keep these kids entertained?)

He loves to play (Guilty as charged.)

My favorite thing to do with my dad is play Sorry (Once again, this is his favorite thing to do.)

I’m just like my dad because I’m a boy (Can’t argue with his logic.)

What I love most about my daddy is that he plays with me (I love playing with him too.)

It makes Dad happy when I obey (I wish he would make me happy more regularly.)

N, 9 year-old son

mochadad father's day-n

My daddy’s name is Fred James Goodall (I’m not sure if he knows my full first name.)

He is 43 years old, 5’7″ tall and weighs 173 pounds (He got 2 out of three correct.)

His favorite food is bacon (Mmmmm! Bacon!)

My daddy is really good at blogging (At least someone other than my mom thinks so.)

He loves to hang out with me (I’m his wingman.)

My favorite thing to do with my dad is ride rides with him (I think this is his subtle way of telling me that he wants to go to Disney.)

I’m just like my dad because I can build like him (Shhh! Mommy may read this and put us both to work.)

What I love most about my daddy is that he is funny and nice (Maybe I can be the next Bill Cosby.)

It makes Dad happy when I write (Someone has to continue the Mocha Dad legacy.)

Nee, 12 year-old daughter

mochadad fathers day-nee

My daddy’s name is Frederick James Goodall (Now matter how much I insist, she refuses to call me Sir Daddy Dance-a-lot.)

He is 43 years old, 5’9″ tall and weighs 168 pounds (She also got 2 out of three correct.)

His favorite food is BBQ (I’m a Texan. It’s our official food.)

My daddy is really good at blogging (The increase in her allowance may have influenced this answer.)

He loves to do things on his phone (Such as send her texts with photos of Bronies.)

My favorite thing to do with my dad is learn about photography with him (She’s a great student. She takes many of the photos for this site.)

I’m just like my dad because I like learning new things (She may not be happy when she learns that I’m training to be a Luchador.)

What I love most about my daddy is that he doesn’t get annoyed when I bother him while he’s working (After 12 years, I’ve learned patience.)

It makes Dad happy when I cooperate with my brothers (If this happened, I would be ecstatic)

She wrote an extra note on the bottom of the page: Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Also thank you for being weird but still cool around my friends.

Stay Strong,

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Question: How would your kids have answered these questions?

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