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Bill Cosby once said “Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap on a rope.” Although dads will appreciate any gifts they receive, they would like to get something that requires a little more thought than soap. As Father’s Day approaches, I’d like to share a few unique gift ideas that will make dad happy.


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Okay, let’s address the tie issue first. There is nothing bad about giving dad a tie as a gift. Many men actually enjoy wearing ties. The problem comes when  people buy their dads ugly, out-of-date ties. To solve this problem, you have to seek out fashionable, current styles. Bow ties offer a new twist on the traditional tie. Many athletes and entertainers are wearing them and they’re starting to show up in the workplace. Bow ties come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can find ties that will appeal to the most conservative dad or the dad who likes to add a dash of flair to his wardrobe. Don’t worry about dad’s knowing how to tie a bow-tie. There are many instruction videos on YouTube.

Personalized T-shirt

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If your dad is more the T-shirt and jeans type, you can get him a personalized T-shirt. Sites such as Zazzle and Personalization Mall offer a variety of options. You can customize a template or upload your own design. My family has purchased several of these shirts for me. They got me the first one right after I started taking guitar lessons. The shirt has a guitar and the words, “Rock on Mocha Dad.” They also got me a Iron Man shirt because they know I love comic books. My favorite thing about this shirt is the message that reads- “You are our hero.” Every dad wants to been as a hero in the eyes of his family. Think about dad’s personality, likes, and interests and create a unique T-shirt that he will be proud to wear.

Photo Books

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Because digital photography is so easy, we tend to take hundreds of pictures. We may share a few of them on our social networks, but the majority of them remain trapped on our phones, memory cards, computers or somewhere in the cloud. Put those photos to use by making dad a hardcover, bound photo book. My wife makes these books each year and includes photos and stories. I treasure these books because they preserve episodes of my life with my family. Shutterfly and Snapfish offer various options for creating books. One of the best ideas I’ve seen is taking your child’s artwork and creating and coffee table book for dad.

Personalized Gift Box

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Sesame gifts offers unique gift boxes for dads. Each set is curated by an expert and packaged with care. With sets such as Guy’s Night, King of the Grill, and Mission Accomplished, Sesame offers a great selection of thoughtful gifts that dad will love. Best of all you can order these gifts from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The gifts are delivered in a beautiful box and the unpacking experience adds to the magic.

Day/Night Out with Dad

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My favorite Father’s Day gifts are those that allow me to spend time  having fun and bonding with my family. Take dad to a minor-league sporting event, local music venue, movie, or any other activity that allows you to strengthen your bond with your father. The memories you create will be priceless.

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Question: What has been the best Father’s Day Gift you’ve given or received?

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