Real Moms Share the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is almost here. If you’re still wondering what to gift to purchase, here a few ideas from real moms (note: The Gift of Time is probably the most valuable).


Photo by filipes via stock.xchng

Photo by filipes via stock.xchng


  • The best mother’s day gift I have received so far has been a day off! – Darlene Sullins
  • A night out alone! – Channynn


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photo by ahylton via stock.xchng


  • One year, I got a trip to Disney with the family – Valerie Mabrey
  • The best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received was a cruise – Christine Viscomi


photo by Bubbels via stock.xchng

photo by Bubbels via stock.xchng


  • I liked the birthstone necklace my husband gave me the Mother’s Day after having our son. – Kelly
  • The best Mother’s Day gift I’ve received is a mother’s ring. – McKim
  • One Mother’s Day, I received chocolate covered strawberries and a diamond ring. – Karrie Millheim
  • The best gift I received was from my 10 year old son who makes a miser look like a spendthrift. He used his savings to get me a new makeup mirror. So sweet. – Betty Curran


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  • A sweet card from my son was the best gift – Elena Istomina
  • My favorite was a family photo book – Kyl Neusch



  • My husband got me one of those Starbucks coffee makers. It made me so happy – Marla
  • My Kitchen Aid mixer is my favorite. – Monique Rizzo

The Gift of Motherhood

photo by just4u via stock.xchng

photo by just4u via stock.xchng


  • The birth of my first child was the best Mother’s Day gift I received. – Mary
  • After the birth of my oldest son, my ex-husband and I were arguing around Mother’s Day. My mom knew he wasn’t going to be getting me anything. She bought me flowers and a card from my son that said, “Thank you for having me mommy!” My son is 28 now and even though I’ve received many gifts since then, that is the best gift I ever received for Mother’s Day! My mom always made everything special! – Roxanne

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Question: What is the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve given or received.


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