The Mighty Gibson Les Paul is No Match for My Clumsiness

On my way home from work, I realized that I needed some guitar picks. There was a guitar store along the way so I decided to stop in and buy a pack. While in the store, I noticed a nice-looking silverburst Gibson Les Paul. I picked up the guitar to have a closer look. Although it was a bit heavy, I could picture myself noodling around with it. I took a look at the $1400 price tag and quickly decided that I didn’t need another guitar.

This guitar will haunt me for the rest of my life

I placed the guitar back on the stand and turned to head to the cashier to pay for my picks. As my foot pivoted, it hit the edge of the guitar stand causing the Les Paul to fall.  I reached to grab it, but my reflexes were too slow. The guitar crashed on the concrete floor causing the headstock to break apart from the neck.

I looked at the mangled guitar with a look of sheer terror on my face. “What have I done?” I thought to myself. By then several employees had come over to see what had happened.

“I’m sorry,” I said as they picked up the pieces, “It was an accident.”

One of the employees looked at me and shrugged, “Don’t worry, man. Stuff like this happens.”

I felt compelled to buy a guitar as penance for destroying that beautiful axe, but I decided to make a quiet exit and not draw any more attention to myself.

May that guitar rest in peace.

Stay Strong,





Question: Have you had an embarrassing experience lately?


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