Kids Take Different Paths to Friendship

kids and friendsOne night at dinner, I asked my 9-year-old son who was his best friend. He thought about it for a few seconds and then asked, “Can I pick more than one?” I wasn’t surprised by his inquiry. He is a likeable kid and makes friends easily. People are naturally drawn to his charm and kind spirit. The only thing he likes more than hanging out with his friends is making new friends. If he sees a kid who is being left out, he will do his best to make him feel included.

My son’s friendly nature warms my heart. I love that he is so outgoing, caring and concerned about others. I was not like him when I was his age. Instead, I was more like my 11-year-old daughter – quiet, reserved, and introverted.

My daughter has never made friends as easily as my son does. From kindergarten to third grade, she struggled to connect with the other girls. It wasn’t until she was about 9-years-old that she finally found her BFF – Carrie* (name has been changed to protect privacy)…Read the rest of the article on my blog at Goldfish Smiles (disclosure – I’m a paid member of the Goldfish team. All opinions are my own).

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Question: Do your kids make friends easily?

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