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For the past year, I’ve been an ambassador for Together Counts, a nationwide program inspiring active and healthy living. Throughout our partnership, I advocated families’ sharing meals and spending time together. My family and I are committed to having regular family meals that are free from distractions. These meals allow us to talk, laugh, and reconnect with one another after a busy day. In addition, I like to be involved in my children’s lives by participating in different activities with them. Not only do I want them to live an active lifestyle, but I also want them to experience new things.

Below are the posts that I wrote on the Together Counts Blog. Please read them and share your thoughts.

Friday Night Special: Wrestling Edition

When I get home on Friday evenings, my five year-old son rushes to greet me. “Hi, Daddy,” he says as he wraps his arms around my legs. “Do you know what day it is?” “Yes,” I say as I give him a big squeeze. “I know what day it is. Do you?” “It’s wrestling day!”...Read the rest here.

Developing New Year Family Goals

At the beginning of each year, my family and I sit down and develop family and personal goals. We never call them resolutions because resolutions are easily broken. Goals are more tangible. We begin our goal setting session by reviewing our written goals from the previous year. If we fall short, we don’t make excuses. Instead, we analyze our short-comings and strive to make improvements in the upcoming year…Read the rest here.

Weekend Breakfast Nourishment

On weekday mornings, my kids and I hardly have time to say goodbye and give each other a kiss on the cheek as we rush to school and work. But weekends are a different story. That’s when we unwind and reconnect. Dinner is so often the focus for family meals that it’s easy to forget the prime opportunity the weekend provides for a full family breakfast…Read the rest here.

Family Travel Creates Lifelong Memories

Travel is an important part of personal development, and it helps families to grow closer. My family has seen great landmarks such as The Alamo, The St. Louis Arch and Pike’s Peak. We’ve hiked through mountains, lounged on beaches and slid down sand dunes…Read the rest here.

Father’s Day – An Opportunity for Self-Reflection

Father’s Day is special to me. Although getting gifts is fun, I never dwell on that part of the day. I always focus on how fortunate I am to be blessed with three beautiful children who call me “Dad.” Because of my past issues with my father, I don’t take the title “Dad” lightly. Along with being a husband, being a dad is the most important job that I’ve ever had...Read the rest here.

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Question: How often does your family eat together?

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