Building Furniture Together Can Cause Serious Headaches for Married Couples

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A certain furniture store has caused more than one fight between my wife and me. I won’t mention the name, but If I ever meet the person who designs the pieces and writes the instructions, I’m going to give him a swift kick in the gevärskolv.

Things usually starts out beautifully. We enter the store and walk through the aisles holding hands as we admire the exquisitely designed furniture. It feels as if we’re the main characters in a Nicholas Sparks novel if Nicholas Sparks novels were set inside furniture stores. When we agree on a purchase, we load it into the minivan and sing happy songs all the way home.

But things turn more sinister when it’s time to start building. Suddenly Stephen King is writing our story and my wife becomes Carrie while I turn into Jack Torrance. There is yelling, eye-rolling, pig’s blood, and little kids chanting REDRUM. During this period, we keep our marriage counselor on speed-dial just in case. When we finally complete the project, we apologize and promise to never let a piece of furniture come between us again…until the next time we have to build a project together.

I’m sure that many other couples, such as the one in the following video, have had the same experience.

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In the meantime, stay away from the furniture store.

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Question: What is the biggest headache inducing situation in your life?

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