Being More Fuel Efficient in the Big City

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I try to to be a fuel efficient driver. In a city as big as Houston, I really have no choice unless I want to spend all of my money on gas. Here are a few statistics about Houstonian attitudes and behaviors:

  • Drivers in Houston waste a total of more than 118 million hours annually due to congestion and more than 52 million gallons of gasoline.
  • 53% of drivers in Houston are bothered when they see people wasting energy and 55% see it as a waste of resources – this is as much or more than Californians!
  • 77% of drivers in Houston believe being fuel efficient is an important way to personally use resources in a more sustainable way, beyond being an important way to save (86%)
  • 75% agree they would change the way they drive to save money on fuel
  • 41% of Houston drivers would be more active in saving fuel if someone showed them how.
  • Houstonians drive more miles annually than motorists in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and New York, and are more likely to have three or more vehicles than those markets.

These stats made me consider my own driving habits. Let’s see – Service vehicle regularly (check); Bundle errands (check); Reduce speed (Um, semi-check); Keep trunk free of clutter (Not at all. My trunk resembles a small storage shed). I thought I was doing pretty well until I encountered John and Helen Taylor – the world’s most fuel-efficient couple.

The couple holds 92 records, including the impressive Guinness World Record they helped set with Shell six years ago. The challenge was immense – to drive around the world using fewer than 50 tanks of fuel. They did it using just 24.  The Taylors surpassed all expectations by driving through 25 countries and four continents, covering 29,717 Kilometres in 78 days.

The Taylors are passionate about teaching drivers the skills they need to drive more fuel efficiently by using the Shell Smarter Driving Tips. In this video, the Taylors shared some tips with me on how I can better navigate the streets of Houston, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and save money.

If you would like to more fuel-effieciency tips, visit Shell’s Smarter Driving Game or download the infographic.

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Question: What steps to you take to be fuel efficient?

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