The Daddy Song

daddy song

In my spare time, I like to make music. Although my guitar skills are nowhere near where I’d like them to be, I continue to play because it helps me to relax.

I also like to create electronic music. My laptop and iPad have become mobile recording studios. When I open up GarageBand or Logic Express, I enter into a realm of creativity. My favorite thing about making music is that my daughter shares my passion. She plays the piano and clarinet and is always eager to help me compose a new song.

One day, we were working with some synth sounds and progressions when I started playing around with some bass lines. My daughter stopped what she was doing and started nodding her head.

“That one sounds good,” she said.

I immediately recorded the track and pondered ways that we could turn it into an actual song. My daughter suggested that we add some drums. We created some beats and added them to our composition. As I watched my daughter manipulate the keyboard controller, the song’s title popped into my head.

“We’ll call it ‘The Daddy Song’,” I said.

“Okay,” replied my daughter. “But how does this song relate to dads?”

“I’ll show you,” I said. I turned on the sampler and asked her to say daddy. I took the recording of her voice and added it to the track. We completed our composition with a sample of children’s laughter.

When our song was done, my daughter and I listened to our masterpiece and smiled at each other. Although our little song may never win a Grammy, my daughter and I will always treasure the time we spent creating it.

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Question: What role does music play in your family’s life?

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