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Something as simple as breakfast can have a huge impact on a child’s life. Children who start the day with a healthy breakfast are more alert and function better throughout the day. Sadly, 1 in 5 children don’t have access to breakfast. Although this statistic may seem hard to believe, I can verify its validity because I was one of those kids.

As the child of a single mother, I often had to fend for myself. My mother worked hard to care for my sister and me and we all had to contribute to make sure that the household ran efficiently. It was my responsibility to make sure that my sister and I got to school on-time. We never had time to eat breakfast because had to get to our bus stops quite early. I had a 1-hour ride ahead of me and if I missed the bus, I had to take public transportation which took even longer.

Although I qualified for the free breakfast program, I never arrived in time to eat it (also, because of the stigma attached to free breakfast programs, I probably wouldn’t have participated anyway). Therefore, I struggled through the first half of the day as I tried to mask the sound of my grumbling stomach.

In the following video, a group of school administrators decided to make a difference in their student’s lives by offering breakfast. The results were tremendous. They saw increased performance and attendance and fewer illnesses.

I’m working Kellogg’s Share Breakfast program and Action for Healthy Kids to help provide ONE MILLION BREAKFASTS to kids in need. Please join me in my quest to help kids in need.

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I want to encourage all parents, especially fathers, to make sure that your kids are eating breakfast every day. Their success depends on it.

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Question: Did you have regular access to breakfast when you were a child? 

Disclosure: I am a paid member of the Kellogg’s K-Champs team. All opinions are my own.

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