Setting Boundaries on Electronic Devices for Kids

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On a road trip to Colorado I was admiring the beautiful landscapes. The majestic mountains and spectacular sand dunes were a feast for the eyes.

“Wow! Look at that.” I said. “Isn’t God’s creation beautiful?”

My comment was greeted by silence. I looked into the rear-view mirror to see my kids’ heads buried in electronic devices. I was annoyed and demanded that they put them away immediately.

“Amazing things are happening and you’re missing out on them because you’re constantly looking down at screens,” I said.

“But Daddy,” my daughter complained. “I was just texting my friends.” I shook my head, sighed and wondered what the world was like before these gadgets were prevalent.

I can understand my kids’ attachment to their devices. When I was their age, I loved my TV video games and my handheld football game devices. But I never had to deal with the 24/7 online culture that my kids are growing up in.

That is the dilemma I face. I want my kids to be tech-savvy, but I don’t want their lives to be totally engulfed by electronic devices. Because of my kids’ propensity to be connected at all times, I had to devise some rules of engagement (read the rest of post on my blog at Goldfishsmiles).

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Question: What rules have you established for your children’s use of technology?

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