Family Traits and Strong Connections

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In college, I took a sociology class. It was one of my favorite courses because I’ve always been curious about human behavior. When we reached the section on nature vs. nurture, I was enthralled. It made me give some serious thought to the biological and environmental factors that shaped my personality.

Although I rarely saw my father as a child, I discovered that I not only shared a physical resemblance, but I also shared many of his personality traits. Like my father, I’m an introvert who enjoys solitude and introspection. I also inherited his creativity. Unbeknownst to me, my father liked to draw and play the guitar. He showed me some of his sketches when I was a teenager, and his talent impressed me. When I started taking guitar lessons as an adult, he visited me and told me stories about his playing days. The most interesting trait that I picked up from him is his wanderlust. The reason I rarely saw him as a child was because of his passion for seeing and doing new things. He was a truck driver, who constantly moved across the country. Like him, I have also moved around a lot. I’ve lived in seven states and visited nearly 40. I’ve also managed to travel to 11 countries around the world.

It’s intriguing to see how my father’s traits have been passed down to me. But even more interesting is discovering traits that I’ve inherited from my father’s father. I never met my grandfather, but I have researched him through genealogy sites. He was a reporter in the Army during World War II. This astonished me because I make my living as a writer. His Army records also revealed that he was my same height and weight….Read the rest of the post on my blog at Goldfish Smiles.

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Question: What traits do you share with other family members?
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