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It finally happened. My wife beat me at a Scrabble.

This is a significant milestone in our relationship because she has never beaten me at Scrabble or any other word game for that matter.

You see, I am a logophile. I was that kid who read the dictionary for fun, kept a word journal, watched Wheel of Fortune, and played with word-centric toys such as Speak and Spell.

I fell for KayEm because she shared my love of language. I also liked the fact that she enjoyed playing my favorite games: Scrabble and Boggle. Although she was constantly on the losing end, she was always a good sport about it.

On one of my pre-marriage visits to her parents’ house, KayEm suggested that we play Scrabble to pass the time and invited her father to join us. KayEm warned me that her dad had never lost a game of Scrabble. Although I was confident in my abilities, I was a little intimidated by this 30 year educator and Ph.D candidate.

Her dad quickly swooped in with the word CRONE. I almost challenged him because I was unfamiliar with the word. However, I remembered what KayEm said about his never losing and decided against it.

He continued his relentless attack and piled on the points. I kept my cool and stuck to my game plan: get rid of Qs and Xs as quickly as possible and wait for opportunities to use my whole rack of letters.

After an hour of intense battle, I emerged victorious. KayEm was impressed that I had beaten her father and I think her dad was a bit shocked by the loss. But I think I earned his respect that day. My Scrabble victory was the proof he needed that I was good enough to marry his daughter.

Over the years, KayEm and I have continued to spend quality time playing word games. Our latest addiction is Scramble With Friends. This app allows us to enjoy one of our favorite activities even if we’re not in the same city (which is often).

Couples can strengthen their marriages by sharing common interests. Kim and I like to play word games, but you and your spouse may enjoy hiking or skydiving. Whatever the activity, it is important to cherish the time together.

Now I need to get back to my game of Scramble With Friends. KayEm is beating me badly and I need to redeem myself.

Stay Strong,

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