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On those dreary winter days when the weather prevents us from engaging in outdoor activities, my family and I like to create fun, new games to play.

One of our favorite games is Crash Cars. My son and I created this game while we were playing with his Hot Wheels vehicles. To play the game, you and the other players must select your favorite cars. Once you’ve assembled your fleet, the object of the game is to crash your cars into the other players’ cars without your car flipping over or exiting the field of play. If your car flips or exits the field of play, you must replace it with another car for the next round. The player who has cars remaining after all of the crash rounds is the winner.

At first my sons and I would be the only ones playing the game. Eventually, my 11-year-old daughter grew curious and wanted to participate. Although she’d never admit it to her friends, she’s a huge Crash Cars fan. My wife also decided to join the fun. Although she’s not a fanatic like the rest of us, she likes to step into the arena and do battle periodically.

My family also enjoys creating intricate adventures with our action figures. We use comic books as the basis of our plot lines and then embellish the stories with our own imaginations. One day Batman may do battle with a giant stuffed teddy bear or Superman may have to save a Barbie doll from the clutches of Clifford the Big Red Dog. It’s always amazing to witness the creative adventures my kids dream up. Placing the characters in non-traditional scenarios always keeps us laughing and having fun (read the rest of the post on my blog at Goldfish Smiles)

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