A Word of Encouragement for Fathers – Keep Fighting

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Nobody ever said being a dad would be easy (and if they did, they’re lying). Sometimes we struggle. Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes we are imperfect men. But if we are to raise strong children and maintain strong families, we have to persevere through the difficult times.

This point became clear after I read a post on Makes Me Wanna Holler. My friend, Eric Payne, chronicled his struggles as a dad, a husband, and a man in his post 7 Ways To Restore Yourself in 2013. While some days seemed quite dark, he never gave up. In fact, he fought hard to reclaim his children, his marriage, and his strength.

I could relate to his post because I’ve also known dark days. I’ve had failures as a father and a husband. But I decided that I would not be defeated by my problems. My faith, my determination to fight for my family, and my dedication to exorcising my own demons helped me to rise from the depths of despair.

You can do it too.

If you’re in the midsts of a struggle right now, don’t give up. Keep fighting. Keep pressing forward. Dig deep inside yourself and find the strength to overcome. You have the power to emerge victorious. Your family is worth the effort.

Stay Strong,

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